Kathi Tarrant has been in the music business for more than 30 years. Formerly based out of NYC, she has performed at leading restaurants and luxury hotels around the world. While having originally received classical training in voice and piano at West Chester University, Kathi continues to wow audiences with her renditions of jazz standards, show tunes, classic rock, pop and others. She is also a church musician, and enjoys bringing SPIRIT into the hands of the people. Regardless of genre, purpose, or style, Kathi LOVES to meet what audiences crave and care about.


"For performances, Kathi and I worked together to find the right songs that not only connected with my voice, but also connected with the person I am."


Kathi is passionate about inspiring the next generation of performers. As a teaching artist, she is able to bring a unique set of tools and gifts to the private lesson: nurturing motivation and helping her students find meaning through music. Arts learning develops audience skills — the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual tools to set aside caution and prejudices to be able to enter a musical piece and make connections.

Today's audiences and students are becoming increasingly more creative in their choice and presentation of the music they love to play and sing. For vocalists, Kathi encourages her students to develop an understanding of music fundamentals which can often lead to a better understanding of themselves. These can help to improve their vocal health and performance. For pianists, she knows what skills are necessary and also explores what matters in relation to the individual needs and interests of the student.

Kathi is interested in good technique, developing a keen awareness of stylistic interpretation, improvisation and overall performance skills. While the thinking in the "classical arts" is still firmly grounded in the traditional Western canon, her audience interest continues to migrate toward other forms. Kathi's goal is to extend her musical strengths towards demonstrating competence, flexibility and enthusiasm.

Kathi is a graduate of Goddard College, a Suzuki-trained piano instructor, certified in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, and has completed coursework in Music Therapy from Anna Maria College. Music Therapy plays an important role in students' ability to function in an integrated classroom or community setting, helping the student to see the value in what they are learning, and to feel successful. It is also particularly helpful towards improving vocal health and performance as an art-form and a form of therapy.

  • Listen to "Song of Miriam" on YouTube.

  • Watch "Happy Hour with Kathi Tarrant."

Variety Magazine described Kathi's original music as
"strong and whimsical."

After performing in Europe and North Africa, Kathi returned to the States and pursued a career as a singer-songwriter. From a home studio in New York City to a farm in Vermont, "Portable Rainbow" was born. It encapsulates the beginnings of digital recording, true artistry and the love of family. It is dedicated to Kathi's children, Galileo and Aurora.

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