Kathi Tafuto

Kathi Tarrant (vocalist, pianist, accompanist, music director, composer, arranger, inspired educator) has been involved in the music business for over 30 years. Kathi attended West Chester State University as a voice and piano major (mosly classical), and later moved to New York City, performing (mostly jazz standards) at some of the leading restaurants and hotels throughout the greater metropolitan area, including the "Top of the Sixes" and "The Waldorf-Astoria". It was an extended engagement at "Caesar's Palace" in Atlantic City that brought her to the attention of agents in Europe as bookings continued in luxury hotels throughout Sweden, England and Africa.

Upon arrival back to the States, this seasoned artist pursued a career as a singer-songwriter. Variety magazine described Kathi’s music as “strong and whimsical”. From a home studio in a basement apartment of a brownstone in New York City to a farm in Vermont, “Portable Rainbow” was born; a rare collection of original pop/jazz that is available on CD or MP3 through CDBaby. Having received it's first full-length performance at the Discover Jazz Festival, "Portable Rainbow" encapsulates the beginnings of digital recording, true artistry, and the love of family. It is dedicated to her children, Galileo and Aurora, and in memoriam of their father, Thomas Tafuto.

A graduate of Goddard College in Vermont, Kathi also completed coursework in Music Therapy, Suzuki teacher-training for the piano, and holds certification in levels I-II-III of Somatic Voicework ™ The LoVetri Method. While applying her multifarious skills to any number of performance-related or collaborative opportunities, Kathi is a regular pianist at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. She also runs a private studio in conjunction with the Twin States Musicians Collective, based in Hanover, New Hampshire. With singular wit, versatility, and style, Kathi refers to herself as a "Teaching Artist who is geared for the 21st century."

Email: kathitarrant@gmail.com

"Odyssey of Love"      "Truth Waltz"